Care: Summerworks 2016 Curatorial Statement


A button I once owned declared, “Kindness is an act of rebellion”. Kindness, and notions of care, are associated with nurturing, tenderness and softness, and sometimes need to be just that. Yet care can also be harsh, tough, combative, conscious and loud. Care can be an agitator that embraces criticality. We care, so we make art, speak up, see shows, hit the wall, tread gently, go it alone, and come together. Care as a concept and philosophy has a deep rooted history in the ethics of early feminists and continues to be considered and rejected. In my opinion, care is needed more then ever, both as a response to minor quotidian dramas and the overtures of the catastrophe present in all of our lives.

Our bodies carry us through our lives.  The power of dance as a medium is its ability to connect us to our own bodies, and in turn, to the bodies of others. Throughout my life with dance and through the curation of this series, I have encountered artists who bring care to their craft and their community through the large and small issues that fuel their work. There is always potential for a reciprocity of action and intent between performers and viewers. We care that you are here, that you care enough to come, to buy a ticket, to applaud or leave, to discuss or dislike. The works in this series provide access to what each artist cares about. Care takes time. Thank you for placing your attention on these exceptional artists and this work that they care to make.