created for the dance "Accidents for Every Occasion"


I'm Sorry…

I didn’t mean it

I wasn’t thinking

Im embarrassed. I cant believe I did that. It’s a fine line really isn’t it. I ignored the signs.

I didn’t understand the instructions



I had no idea

I was framed

I was drunk

I was hurt…

I had other plans

I deserve it

Im cleansing

It was too late to call

I needed to feel something

You were away


It was cold out

I didn’t want to sleep alone

Im holding it for a friend

Im not from here

I was Pre menstral

It was a spur of the moment decision

I didnt know you would take it like that

You can be so sensitive

I was Nervous

I didn’t want to send the wrong message

The networkwas down 

The sun was in my eyes

I went out on a limb

I have to go

I was faking it

I don’t know when to stop

I cant say no

I got sick of waiting

I listened to my gut

Hey…I was misquoted


I was brought up catholic

I did it for the money

I did it for love

I didn’t know it was my last chance

I didn’t know it meant so much

I don’t own a watch

I haven’t slept

I was bored

I was in heels

I could not control myself

It wasonly 1 night

I blame myself only. And maybe you alittle bit.



I fell asleep

I fell of my bike

I was falling in love

I felt ignored

I was falling apart

I felt confused

I just fell into it


I didn’t think it would actually hit you

I didn’t know it would hurt

I was at my wits end

I was fucking pissed off

That song was playing


I couldn’t sleep

I pressed snooze

I pressed send

You pushed my buttons

You pushed your limits

You pressed play


I was distracted

I lost my patience

I lost track of time

I lost my confidence

I lost your number

I lost my keys

I lost my phone

I fucking lost it



He was greek

the lighting was perfect

He told me what I wanted to hear

I was on vacation

I left it at home

Im on my way to a wedding

Ive just come from a funeral

You looked at me and I melted

My defences were down

My parents were teachers



I am the youngest of 3

I am spoiled

I was lonely

I was high

I was listening to public enemy

I was between a rock and a hard place

you said you loved me

I thought I could handle it

It was highly recommended

It was cheap

I was young


It seemed poetic at the time

I didn’t ask questions

I didn’t understand the directions

I believed the hype

It was on sale

I believed you

I hoped for the best

I hoped to for something else

I was star struck

It was a 2 hr special of the simpsons

I forgot

I was taken for a ride

He took me for someone else

I took it standing up

I took it for the team

I was taken by him

I took the brunt of it

I took the heat

I took what I could get


I don’t know what its going to take

I don’t know when to stop